New Variant Strain of Covid-19

As we begin to see a silver lining in the global Covid 19 pandemic a new variant strain of SARS-CoV-2 containing several mutations surfaces in the United Kingdom.

This variant strain is predicted to be more rapidly transmissible than other strains of SARS-CoV-2 due to mutations.

Scientists are working to learn more about this variant and whether current vaccines will help protect people against it. Currently, there is no evidence that this variant causes more severe illness or increased risk for death.

This new strain is currently accounting for 60% of infections in London England. This variant has not been identified in the United States yet. However ongoing travel between the United Kingdom and the United States, as well as the high prevalence of this variant among current UK infections, increase the likelihood of importation.



Sauna: Therapeutic Intervention for Covid-19

I began researching the impacts of high heat on viruses earlier this year after my husband and I were both exposed to Covid-19.

We live in a northern climate so using a sauna on a regular basis is already incorporated into our daily routine, especially during the colder months. 

I did end up experiencing mild symptoms after exposure, but I found using the sauna as an effective way to manage my symptoms.

In my research I discovered evidence for using heat to treat and prevent viral infections. In the initial phase of infection, heat applied to the upper airways can support the immune system’s first line of defense.

Heat applied to the whole body can further support the immune system’s second line of defence by mimicking fever and activating immune defenses and building physiological resilience. 

Heat-based treatments also offer psychological benefits and enhance mental wellness by focusing attention on relaxation and sleep, inducing ‘forced-mindfulness’, and invoking the power of positive thinking and ‘remembered wellness’. 

There are multiple lines of evidence to support the use of heat and humidity for the prevention and treatment of viral respiratory infections. Historical and emerging evidence suggests regular sauna bathing enhances cardiovascular, respiratory and immune function as well as improving mood and quality of life. 

Finnish sauna bathing, which involves brief exposures to high environmental temperature (80°C-100°C) has been shown to reduce the risk of cardiac death, cardiovascular disease and vascular diseases such as high blood pressure and stroke, along with the risk of neurocognitive diseases, skin conditions and painful conditions such as rheumatic diseases and headache. 

Epidemiological evidence further suggests that frequent sauna bathing is associated with a reduced risk of pneumonia and viral infection.


Weed Lube: Way More Than Regular Lube

As marijuana is becoming increasingly legalized and accessible, an entire industry is producing products to enhance sexual health and wellness. Weed or cannabis lube is one item on the market that is gaining popularity. Weed lube is infused with THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis. THC is known to enhance sexual pleasure and specifically the sexual response in women.

One of the benefits of using the lube is that it doesn’t give you a head high. It is more of localized high around your nether region, unless you end up consuming some. Weed lube is designed for the ultimate orgasm that will satisfy both partners.

Unlike regular lube weed lube will take some time to the feel the effects, at least 15-45 minutes according to experts. It is suggested that you use 4-8 sprays directly to the clitoris, labia and inside the vagina. Weed lube is known to increase blood flow, arousal and genital sensitivity which equates to better and stronger orgasms.

Check your local provisioning shop or cannabis dispensary for weed lube. Many shops are now offering pick up and delivery services. Unfortunately weed lube is only available where recreational marijuana is legal. You can however purchase lube containing CBD which is still beneficial but does not contain THC.

CBD for Coronavirus. Does it help fight Covid-19?

As Covid-19 cases continue to surge across the country, researchers and scientists are scrambling to develop a cure or treatment that could lessen symptoms and prevent the disease altogether. Cannabis is surprisingly on the list for potential treatments.

Leading evidence suggests that cannabis derived CBD may help those suffering from severe lung inflammation from COVID-19. According to a recent study at Augusta University in Georgia, CBD may have a positive impact on ARDS or acute respiratory distress syndrome. ARDS is a dangerous symptom of COVID-19 caused by an overactive inflammatory response. This is commonly referred to as a ‘cytokine storm’. The study highlights that there are only supportive measures for ARDS and there is no definitive cure which illustrates the need for more treatment.

CBD may help treat this dangerous symptom by reducing pro-inflammatory cytokine production, fighting off the storm. The goal is to reduce specific cytokines such as interleukin (IL)-6, IL-1b, and IL-17, thus bringing down inflammation and ending respiratory distress and damage. The results of the research were promising.

The research was conducted on mice who were given a treatment to artificially induce ARDS, similar to symptoms seen in patients with severe cases of Covid-19. The mice ultimately experienced a cytokines storm, reducing the blood oxygen level by 10% causing structural damage to the lungs. The mice were then given CBD treatments after coinciding respiratory distress.

Researchers on the study believe that CBD could play an immunotherapeutic role in treating severe respiratory viral infections like COVID-19.

The results showed that CBD was very beneficial and symptoms were totally or partially reversed in the mice. They returned to normal after CBD treatment according to the research study.

How to Host a Socially Distanced Thanksgiving

7 Tips for a socially distanced Thanksgiving.

Here we are a couple weeks away from Thanksgiving and we are still in the midst of a pandemic. Luckily there is a vaccine on the horizon, but this doesn’t change that many families will be making sacrifices this year for Thanksgiving. If you decide to host or attend a Thanksgiving gathering there are some tips to help keep you and your loved ones safe.

Tip 1: Consider limiting guest size to accommodate the space in your home for socially distanced seating arrangements.

Tip 2: Plan activities for the outdoors. Think bonfire, yard games or Thanksgiving themed scavenger hunt. You could even eat outside if the climate is right.

Tip 3: Setup sanitation stations throughout the home. Near the entrance, bathrooms, tables and kitchen areas.

Tip 4: Notify guests of mask policy. Have extra masks on hand to be provided if necessary.

Tip 5: Serve food buffet style instead of a communal table. One person could be designated to serve food and drinks. Simplify the menu if possible.

Tip 6: Use disposables to eliminate the risk of touching contaminated dishes. Biodegradable plates and utensils are available at most stores.

Tip 7: Be flexible and willing to host a virtual Thanksgiving if all else fails.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Stress Management with Covid 19

Living with high levels of stress and anxiety can put your entire well being at risk. It is important to have effective stress management skills in order to have a well balanced life.

Some common causes of stress during the Covid 19 pandemic include uncertainty, lack of routine and lack of social support .

Stress Reduction Tips for Covid 19

Create a morning routine.

Check in with loved ones regularly.

Help others.

Daily Self care.

Limit news and media. (Social Media too).

Exercise regularly.


Immune Support Covid 19

Antiviral and Pro Immunity Foods

Certain vitamins and minerals are proven to help keep you healthy and recover faster.

Studies have proven Vitamin D helps make proteins that kill viruses and bacteria, especially in the respiratory tract. Doctors recommend 2000 IU of Vitamin D daily, preferably in liquid form. Vitamin D can be found in many foods including fatty fish and vegetables such as mushrooms.

Evidence has shown Vitamin C can help speed recovery of respiratory infections. Vitamin C aids in the function of leukocytes which is critical for white blood cells to help fight infection. 500 mg twice a day is the recommended amount. Cantaloupe and citrus fruits contain high amounts of vitamin C.

Research suggests Zinc can help shorten colds by 20% to 40%. Zinc works best at the start of symptoms. Doctors are examining zinc and Covid 19 too. According to doctors who study coronaviruses, zinc can prevent the virus from multiplying in your nose and pharynx. Zinc supply come in pill, lozenge and liquid form. Meat, shellfish and legumes all contain zinc.

Polyphenols are found naturally in plants and known to have anti inflammatory properties which protect against a broad range of health problems. In non human studies polyphenols were found to kill coronaviruses. Fruits vegetables, cocoa, green tea and coffee beans contain polyphenols.