Weed Lube: Way More Than Regular Lube

As marijuana is becoming increasingly legalized and accessible, an entire industry is producing products to enhance sexual health and wellness. Weed or cannabis lube is one item on the market that is gaining popularity. Weed lube is infused with THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis. THC is known to enhance sexual pleasure and specifically the sexual response in women.

One of the benefits of using the lube is that it doesn’t give you a head high. It is more of localized high around your nether region, unless you end up consuming some. Weed lube is designed for the ultimate orgasm that will satisfy both partners.

Unlike regular lube weed lube will take some time to the feel the effects, at least 15-45 minutes according to experts. It is suggested that you use 4-8 sprays directly to the clitoris, labia and inside the vagina. Weed lube is known to increase blood flow, arousal and genital sensitivity which equates to better and stronger orgasms.

Check your local provisioning shop or cannabis dispensary for weed lube. Many shops are now offering pick up and delivery services. Unfortunately weed lube is only available where recreational marijuana is legal. You can however purchase lube containing CBD which is still beneficial but does not contain THC.